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Get a burst of energy! E-ON becomes official drink of VAPEXPO Moscow 2017

On June 16-18, the international vape industry exhibition – VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 – will allow you not only to taste a variety of e-liquids but also to enjoy refreshing E-ON energy drink, becoming the official drink of the event!

E-ON is an innovative energy drink, consisting of natural juices without preservatives and dyes.

The E-ON line includes four fresh flavors:

  • GINGER CRUSH: sweet pomegranate, sour cranberries, and spicy ginger – follow the crazy rhythm of life;
  • BLACK POWER: classic fruit and caramel guarana – enjoy the moment;
  • CITRUS PUNCH: tonic orange – forget about barriers and achieve your goal;
  • ALMOND RUSH: rich apricot and almond bitterness – update your approach to common things.

E-ON is made by the international company called Global Functional Drinks AG (GFD), a manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages. It aims to offer consumers products that will quench their thirst, satisfy, and inspire for new ideas without harming the health. Demand for GFD brands proves that the company has definitely succeed in its own business.

Buy a ticket to VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 and make your day longer with the E-ON energy drink!

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