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Winter VAPEXPO Moscow 2017: B2B-day, Meсh mods alley and 200k prize fund

On 8-10 of December, 7000 vapor enthusiasts gathered to see 110 stands with vaping novelties and compete for 200,000 rubles prize fund at ECC Sokolniki. Long story short, VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 has been a success!

The Smile-Expo company, which has organized 17 successful vape exhibitions in Russia and Europe, held VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 – the 6th event in Moscow, being the 18th large-scale vape industry exhibition in total. This time, organizers dedicated one day to productive B2B, and two days to a bright show, so that everyone gets the most of what they came for.

"We tried to make the exhibition as comfortable as possible and organized many lounge zones throughout the pavilion," the company representatives added.

Dumping, legislation and user reaction - business day with a panel discussion

If a tax on nicotine e-liquids is introduced, 58% of vapers will be buying nicotine free e-juices and nico boosters, 14% will start ordering nicotine-containing liquids from other countries, and another 14% will completely switch to nicotine free e-juices. These results were presented by the study of an independent analytical resource EcigIntelligence. Its representatives shared it within the framework of the VAPEXPO Moscow roundtable.

Not a conference, not a lecture hall, but a panel discussion was the format of vape market players meeting. They discussed hot-button issues of dumping and legislative aspects of the industry. The conversation was held with:

  • Inna Ostapchenko - Senior Researcher at the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO) of Russia
  • Representatives of Federal State Budget Scientific Institution All-Russian Scientific Institute of Tobacco, Makhorka and Tobacco Products;
  • Employees of the largest credit rating agency RAEX (Expert RA) accredited by the Central Bank of Russia.

"Burning questions were asked, and there were experts who explained everything properly, the audience was completely involved" commented RAEX expert Dmitry Vladimirov.

B2B-day was really quiet, there was no music, nothing was roaring from the stage. As a result, entrepreneurs established new connections with no problems and visitors got attentive service and had plenty of time to try everything without being distracted by contests.

200 000 for clouds, the Vape Awards and GUSLI 2 - two days of rocking hard

The day after the quiet B2B day, VAPEXPO Moscow started to make noise and did not stop until the end! Well of course, because it’s impossible to quietly give away:

  • 150,000 rubles at the World Series of Vaping Cloudchasing Championship in two categories: Cloud Contest men's up to 80 kg and over 80 kg – 75,000 for each winner;
  • 50,000 rubles – for the Vape Tricks Battle winner;
  • Advanced Blade of God and Rockvape 1.0 Atoll mods for the Vape Alliance Coil Build Contest participants;
  • Cool Stentorian devices for three best cloud chasers in the Unlimited Cloud Contest;
  • A set of e-juices for winners of the "Guess e-juice" and "Vaper’s lungs" competitions!

In addition, this time the exhibition had a whole lot of ​​mods - a full-fledged Mech mods alley! From classic mechanical mods to transformer mods – it had everything! But the main surprise for the VAPEXPO guests was the fact that mech mods from the alley were the prizes in cloud contests, and the remaining ones were just given away.

The special guests of the event were Vape Alliance and three top Russian rappers - Guf, Slim and Big Russian Boss! GUSLI - the new Slim & Guf band - presented a new album GUSLI 2, and Big Russian Boss showed and commented on the winner's video in the best video invitation to VAPEXPO Moscow contest. By the way, the director got $500 for his clip!

The event was also visited by many popular vape bloggers, like Maskit, Alex From Vapers MD, MD Troy, KOROBKA, ZAPARKA SHOW, Borodaty Par and many, many others who communicated with visitors a lot.

Good vibes were boosted by cool DJ mixes, a professional MC and girls from A&J Project.

And of course, the Vape Awards ceremony took place, where representatives of the British Vapouround publication were judging. 12 best players of the vape industry were determined here. They celebrated the victory at the lounge party after the award ceremony.

The company expresses its gratitude to VapeLifa, Iljumo, YoVape and RedCoil sponsors for supporting VAPEXPO Moscow 2017, as well as to all visitors of the vape exhibition for an unforgettable experience.

Project manager Ilona Yuvchenko said, "This time, everything was very soulful. It was nice to see both regular visitors and new faces. Some may say that the vaping hype is passing, but we believe that vapers are here to stay. It's not a trend, it's a lifestyle."

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