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Meet the expert from China at VapExpo conference – Yushu Zhu

Not so much time has left before the second VapExpo opens its doors to all vaping fans on 4-5 of December in Moscow. That’s why we’d like to present our speakers. This year, event will be visited by Marketing and Sales Director of Ruvian Technology Ltd. - Yushu Zhu. During his presentation, the specialist will talk about the following:

  1. Review of the legislative and regulatory situation in China.
  2. Chinese e-cig market demographics.
  3. Analysis of the Chinese e-cig market.


Before joining Ruvian, Yushu has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for 21 years. Yushu Zhu also has the experience of international pharmaceutical companies, where he was responsible for business strategy development. He spent 15 years in China and 6 years in Britain. Yushu is a member of the board at CECMOL, largest media group on the Chinese e-cig market, and a constant participant of the international conferences, as well as the contributor with a column in the leading Chinese pharmaceutical journal. He’s also a certified marketer and a member of Charted Institute of Marketing in Britain.

 VapExpo will take place on 4-5 of December in Moscow, becoming the only floor where you’ll be able to meet the speakers personally, communicate in the casual atmosphere and get answers to all your question. Join us!

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