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Meet the first speakers of the professional conference taking place as part of VapExpo

Preparations for VapExpo, second international exhibition and conference devoted to the electronic cigarettes are all under way. Event will take place on 4-5 of December in the best exhibition pavilion in Moscow -- ECC Sokolniki. The list of participants and speakers is constantly extended with new companies and names, and we’re happy to welcome the first five presenters, who have already confirmed their participation in the professional conference:

Gregory Conley, President of the American Vaping Association, will make a presentation “Lessons to be Learned from America's War on Vaping”. During his presentation, Gregory will be talking about the following:

  • How American 'public health' groups have been at the forefront of misleading the public about vaping.
  • How vapers and small businesses have fought back against these campaigns?
  • How the Food & Drug Administration's proposed deeming 'regulations' would ban 99%+ of nicotine vapor products.
  • Lessons to be learned for businesses in countries with emerging vape markets.

Yushu Zhu, Marketing and Sales Director at Ruvian Technology Ltd, will talk about the peculiarities of the electronic cigarettes market in China, presenting:

  • Review of the regulatory and legislative situation in China.
  • Chinese e-cig market demographics.
  • Chinese e-cig market analysis.

Ray Story, CEO TVECA, will make a presentation “Future forecasts of the industry: key challenges and mechanisms of their accomplishment”.

Aleksandr Varenikov, owner of Pari shopping network, will make a presentation “Secrets of sales for vaping shops: typical and most often mistakes”.

Anton Belov, PR manager at Vaperz.Moscow, will talk about lobbying and promoting of vaping in Russia and CIS, demonstrating:

  • Analysis of the Eurasian Union legislative initiatives (in light of the agreement draft between EU and Eurasian Union).
  • Vaping lobbying analysis in the Western modernity countries.
  • Vaping promotion.
  • Counter-lobbying and counter-promotion.


VapExpo will be visited by investors and entrepreneurs, authorities and people interested in the development of this segment. Event is a unique professional floor for communication between all players on this untapped, yet very promising market of electronic cigarettes.


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