December 9-10, 2016, Results Feedback

Comments on December VAPEXPO Moscow 2016

On December 9-10, exhibition and conference dedicated to vaping VAPEXPO Moscow 2016 took place. Its high level is confirmed by the participants of the event.

Yuriy Grebenkin, VapeStudio
The exhibition is twofold bigger and attended by many representatives from various countries: China, Canada. It’s very good that the market and the amount of exhibitors are growing. I’m impressed.
Alexander Varenikov, ‘Pari’
I was shocked when entered. In comparison with the previous year, the exhibition became three-fold greater. Interesting foreign speakers. We found out the situation in America. I will definitely visit VAPEXPO next year.
Michael Yong, VapeEmporium
It was really interesting to spend time in Moscow at VAPEXPO along with Smile-Expo company. I’m impressed by the event. It’s incredibly how the industry has changed over the past few years. Very informative conference: each speaker made their contribution to tell guests about vaping as much as possible.
Mikhail, Unicorn
A lot of gifts, positive emotions and energy boost.
Anna, Delite
The exhibition was large-scale, lots of vapor – very cool. It was attended by celebrities and many people. Besides, the exhibition is international, which is quite significant.
Daria, US Vaping
The exhibition is amazing, all of us are thrilled. Lots of work, enormous selling. I hope that our company will find here a Russian distributor.
Artem Anosov, ‘Sostav’
We have visited the exhibition for the second time. The event is cool and misty, as usual. By the end of the day, we are feeling pleasant tiredness. A huge amount of new contacts and satisfied people.
Nikolay Novikov, ‘Lux Lite’
We are participating in every exhibition. Each season, everything is growing exponentially along with the vape trend.
Oleg Domovenko,
Excellent impressions: a lot of new e-liquids, stunning atmosphere, lots of tasty vapor. Everything is cool.
Ivan, Emotion Vape
The exhibition is really cool. Got acquainted with many people from China and America. Shared visiting cards. I think we will cooperating.
Vladimir, ‘Cellar of uncle Vova’
A lot of people, everything is in vapor, stands are incredible. Some kind of Broadway. So cool.
It was an honour to speak at the conference for Vapexpo Moscow. The speakers did a great job covering interesting aspects of manufacturing, business development and regulations in Russia and around the world. It was also great to see how much the industry has developed, with so many people using high-end mechanical and regulated mods. Everyone at Smile Expo did an amazing job putting together an exciting and informative conference and exhibition and I will definitely be returning next year.

I won everything I could at this expo! I’m very glad and proud of it! Thanks to VapExpo organizers for incredible emotions, and I will repeat once again: it is too difficult to organize such a large-scale exhibition, especially when everyone gets on your tail with excise tax. Despite all screw-ups like queues, jams, the exhibition appeared to be very successful!
The exhibition impressed with its scale and the amount of attendees. This time, it brought together a good deal more participants. Three rooms: 2 big and 1 small. Drawings, entertainments, showmen and stars. It was interesting and informative. We are glad, although two days are not enough to visit everything. We got acquainted with significant people, obtained almost 5 liters of e-juice, more than 100 visiting cards, and discussed issues with partners. So, we are ready to new achievements!
All stands were pretty interesting. A lot of tasty e-liquids. Design and presenting were rizzly. The exhibition was also attended by Basta, Smoky MO,USB, and Vasiliy Utkin, commenting on football on consoles.
This year, we were sponsors of VAPEXPO 2016 Moscow. And we are very glad, because the exhibition will be remembered for a long time!