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December 8-10, 2017, Results Feedback

Reviews of the December VAPEXPO Moscow 2017

Participants and guests of VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 got maximum blissout and euphoria from the event! Every day of the exhibition was vivid, eventful, interesting and cool! Exhibitors and visitors shared their impressions of the event. They are in raptures!

Vape Shop Parobar
It was a pleasure being among like-minded people, each of us made his way to victory. When opening a vape shop, we tried to make it the best, not one of many. Therefore, after a year we have fans who helped us to get the title "Shop of the Year" for the first time. Moreover, in six months after the first award, the "army" of Parobar expanded and helped us to get the coveted award again, and we did not cheat! Competitors tried to make judges to disqualify us from the competition, but we made it. And thanks to the honesty of organizing committee of Vape Awards, the winners got their awards.
In general, the award is great in terms of organization: everything is clear and fair, there were a lot of worthy participants in all categories.
We were engaged in communication with manufacturers and wholesalers at the party, therefore, got important and strongest links for the future.
It's great that there were more distributors at the exhibition this year. It is an opportunity to see what is now on trend, and in short order. If previously we had to get contacts from each manufacturer, and then sort everything out, now it is much easier – several wholesalers, and each has a "portfolio" of manufacturers. The industry had to reach this level eventually and Vape Expo is the one who contributed the most.
Max Sabomov, manufacturer Crassus mod
The ceremony was exciting, but we were confident of victory :) An interesting competition. Worthy opponents. Everyone is good in something. And we all did our best! The party is quite good. It's hard to say whether we made it or not, everyone was tired. But everything was on at the proper level. The exhibition did not reach the level of the summer "Expo", unfortunately. But I hope that the Smile-Expo team will prepare for us a grand summer exhibition. But the organizers are still great! Especially I want to emphasize on the alley of Russian mechanics. The idea and organization are excellent.
La Liga Vape Menta
It's difficult to make sober judgements about a party, because every party with colleagues is special, especially if it's Vape Awards. There were not many participants at the event, but the exhibition was still excellent. We all understand that this is not the fault of the organizers, but only of the manufacturers/distributors and stores, who for some reason did not exhibit. VAPEXPO once again brought together people with common interests, thanks for that.
Everything is very cool, many cheaters was the only confusing things, but thanks to a timely response from the organizers the problem was solved)
The event was steep as usual, the organizers once again did a great job, it is a pleasure both to work and relax there.
Alexander, Monster Drops
I want to thank the organizers of VapExpo Moscow 2017 (8-10 Dec). The exhibition was held in Sokolniki. I liked that this time the B2B day was pretty quiet. This is very important for me. The music was on the back of negotiations, so we did not have to yell. It is great that a special atmosphere for visitors of the exhibition (consumers) was created on Saturday. It was noisy, fun and positive. Many visitors came to our mount to check our products, just chat and laugh, and those who did not make it on Friday, made new acquaintances on Saturday. In general, the organizers, sponsors and participants of the exhibition did their best!!! I’ve been to many other VapExpos. We are waiting for the following events to rock and spend some quality time!
We were thrilled after the exhibition, as well as customers. The organizers went all out and created a real holiday for us and all representatives of our industry! We made many new acquaintances and had great sales, we would have still been beginners without VapExpo. This exhibition “gave us a ticket” to the profession and told everyone about us. Thanks to the organizers and, in particular, to our wonderful Annushka. Best wishes, your SRT17!
Managing Partner of INTRUE Lab
We, INTRUE Lab, take part in Vapexpo regularly, we participate from 2015, from the very first event!
Smile-Expo organized a worthy event once again. Despite all the difficulties on the market, they managed to make an event of high quality.
Thank you for a quiet B2B day. It was very useful for quiet communication with customers. Many people visited only B2B event. Although there were wholesalers on other two days.
I hope this Expo will not be the last one, and we will continue our cooperation.
The Vapor KING Team
We visited the exhibition on Sunday. We came in the morning, so there were not many people at that time. The general impression of the exhibition is positive, many new interesting products, great people, beautiful promoters. It was nice to feel this atmosphere, to talk with manufacturers and distributors. We will wait for the next exhibitions and will join the party with pleasure!
Of course, I do not claim having an objective opinion, but it seems to me that this exhibition was much more successful than the previous ones.
I’ve attended only the first day, December 8, it was a B2B day, and we wanted to visit it. And it paid off. There was no loud music interfering the communication, there were no furious schoolchildren, picking up everything that lies in temptation's way, just like in December 2016. Yes, there were not many mounts this time, but there was a time to talk with interesting people and see what we drove 700 km from Minsk for. In general, the atmosphere was cozy and calm, there was time for everything planned. In my opinion, the exhibition is not just an entertainment event, now it is becoming a real industry tool, as it should be. As well as vaping itself gets rid of unnecessary characters, hype and inexorably grows up. The vape market will not lose anything, but will only gain.
CLOUDY/Electronic cigarettes Saratov/Balakovo
About the exhibition. We come here almost every time, every year, sometimes several times a year.
It’s great that the organizers finally heard us and made the B2B day, therefore we could choose the products we need quietly and without much noise.
This time there were many soft padded stools, so we had a place to rest.
There were no queues at the entrance: last time we stood for two hours in the cold and did not have a chance to visit the cloud contest, our team member was to participate. There was a separate entrance this time, and it was perfect!
Unfortunately, we only visited two days of exhibition, but still we choose steep products: both e-liquids, and mods.
It was fun, lots of competitions and a nice atmosphere. Thanks to the organizers, we all enjoyed it very much, and thanks to Marishe Rocked for supervising the whole process, from posts on VKontakte to giving tickets to our team! Everything is super, we will definitely come again!
Ohm Girl
In a nutshell, I really enjoyed it this time.
The exhibition is good
B2B day without a roar from the stage was wonderful. My advice is not to invite DJ on the B2C day as well, because whenever a crowd gathers near the stage we lose our clients.
Key Vape, England
Expo was really nice, thank you! We have a lot of the contacts now, next job is to find a distributor in Russia and then we can sell :) there was a lot of interest and people wants eliquid from UK, just talking to distributors now :)
Show organization was good :)
The organization was on the proper level.
I liked the B2B day, it was possible to quietly communicate with counterparties and potential clients.
In general, the exhibition was informative and interesting.
As a proposal: you could make more pauses between the competitions (which were actually excellent) on the second and third days, so that visitors had enough time to visit mounts. But this is my opinion.
"Zhizha w teste"
I want to share my experience after visiting VAPEXPO Moscow 2017, which was held in Sokolniki on December 8-10. I was preparing for the event in advance, both as a reviewer, and as a producer of coils. At first, I was a little upset that there would be only one hall and about a hundred mounts. But I did not have time to communicate with everyone for two days that I spent at the exhibition.
I really liked the first B2B day. Music was quite enough for me to communicate with many people, establish contacts, meet personally people from the Internet, and chat with old friends, check innovative products. A very interesting and productive day, which for me ended much later than the closing of the first day. Fortunately, no one made us leave.
The second day was dedicated to entertaining: music was loud, many interesting and beautiful people were there. It was difficult to communicate, but we were all in a festive mood. There were more people than on Friday, lucky visitors were happy to get a free e-liquid. There were presentations, contests and lotteries. I decided to communicate with old and new friends that day, and at the same time, I personally awarded the winner of our contest. It was late when I left, tired and with a full backpack of gifts.
I just did not have the energy to visit the third day, I stayed in and watched the broadcast.
In general, the exhibition satisfied my expectations. I communicated with people I wanted to. I met new buyers and suppliers. I’ve got inspiration. I met people from the internet and was able to have a conversation with them. Got a material for the further work. Well, just had fun and productive time.
The exhibition is expanding, and the organization is getting better every time: starting with the entrance, show and conferences. Organizers, as always, did their best. This exhibition was very helpful for businesspeople in the vape industry. Perhaps, the organizers should pay special attention to Russian producers of mechanical mods during the next VapExpo, and show foreigners what our guys can do) But in general we got a lot of useful information, as always, as well as emotions! We wish you bright future!