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June 8-9, 2018, Results Feedback

Feedback on summer VAPEXPO Moscow 2018

Two days VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 brought tons of positive emotions to its attendees and exhibitors. A cozy atmosphere, everything you need to rest, conduct business negotiations and paint the town red! The participants and attendees kindly shared fresh impressions of the event. 

On behalf of ONLY MECH GROUP
I would like to thank the organizers, exhibitors and all the attendees of the event for two days full of joy. There was a perfect cloud chasing tournament, and our friends took part in it: Egor Ivanov, Maxim Sabomov, and Maxim Gorash. One of them won the first honorary place. Free ride fans could catch e-juices, mods, RDAs and merch thrown from the stage. What should be noted is new manufacturers at the exhibition – as the saying goes, make way for the young.
We hope to see even more interesting stuff, new exhibitors and the same cozy and nice atmosphere in December.
Semyon Arnaut, Magic Stories
Thank you very much for cooperation. We much liked your loyalty and readiness to help. It’s always a pleasure to work together with people like you. I hope to continue our cooperation.
Panda – Cleanback, Parnyxa
Once again, the organizers created a good platform for both work and rest. VAPEXPO combined an interesting program for common attendees and a B2B day for exhibitors and businessmen. For a long time, this event remains, as the practice shoes, a unique and ultimate point of establishing new partnership and new products presentation in the ever-changing vape realm. Regarding the nuances, unfortunately, the exhibition took place on weekdays, which affected the attendance. We would as well appreciate more foreign manufacturers and distributors. A special thanks for the contributed energy, time, and nerves. Hugs, see you in winter.
Vape Media Group, General Media Partner of VAPEXPO 2018
We would like to leave a few words about another VAPEXPO held at Sokolniki ECC on June 8-9, 2018. A business aim that any exhibitor pursues at the exhibition is to establish a new partnership and support current projects. The first exhibition day is ideal to create such an atmosphere. Within the first couple of hours, we were communicating with interested business partners and managed to sign several prospective contracts before midday. So, if you manufacture e-juices, distribute related products or just are a member of the vape community, attending this exhibition is a must.
A special thanks to the organizers for the second day of VAPEXPO. This time, the atmosphere was even more relaxed and informal. A special respect for MC and girls! It was funny and rocking!
Tikhon Ignatkin, a blogger Gdezlo, BlogLab community
On the whole, everything went well – show, guests. However, not so many stands and exhibitors as the previous year. Maybe, it is due to the event dates. Also, I haven’t seen any free seats at the stage and the exhibition area.
All in all, the exhibition didn’t produce a lasting impression on me, a lot remains to work on.
Compared to the previous one, this event didn’t surprise me. You know, some drive is needed like, for example, at St. Petersburg Expo or say, in December 2016 with 3 days of the exhibition, if I’m not mistaken.
Many thanks to the organizers, Smile-Expo, no doubt, you made efforts, and got it since not only organizers but also exhibitors make an event. Here is my comment: a lot remains to work on, but you’re on a right track.
Thank you so much for the attention, VAPING, LIVE!:)
CLOUDY / E-cigs Saratov / Balakovo
Here we are after #VAPEXPO2018. Unfortunately, the exhibition used to be larger in 2016-2017, but everything went with flying colors.
On the first event day in a B2B format, we in peace and silence talked to the best manufacturers of e-juices, our Chinese colleagues from UD as well as established lots of beneficial acquaintances.
On the second day, there were more attendees, the music was playing, and the atmosphere was funny and nice – a great vape party. In spite of some drawbacks like the exhibition’s scale shrinking and so on, VAPEXPO remains the major event of the Russian vaping community and the same relaxed and cool party. A small photo report is attached. https://vk.com/album-51595688_254513042

P.S.: Thanks a million to the organizers for the invitation, placement of our logo at almost the center of the press wall and especially we are grateful to Marisha Rocked her help.