8-10 December 2017, Moscow

9 December 2017, Moscow

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During the exhibition, you will enjoy enchanting show program and a huge amount of gifts from sponsors. At Vape Tricks Show, you will not only see but also learn how to make the most complex and virtuoso tricks from professional vapers.

Guys have tried a bunch of devices, e-liquids and trained for a long time to amaze you with spectacular vape tricks. They will show a lot of variations of rings, waterfalls and beautiful jellyfish. 

Come to VAPEXPO Moscow on 8-10 of December to test the best e-liquids that create thick vapour. The main thing is not to forget to charge batteries in time in order to try out the whole juice range from the best manufacturers and choose a new flavour.

Your favourite vape get-together on 8-10 of December  will feature vape tricks, training, competitions on cloud chasing ,driving music, modern devices and rivers of exlusive e-liquids.



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