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On June 16, 2018 as a part of the most long-awaited hangout of the year - VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 there will be the international championship on cloud chasing The World Series of Vaping (TWSOV) . 

It will be the most significant championship for the whole Russian vape community!

Championship is divided into two categories:

biggest cloud men’s (up to 80 kg);
biggest cloud men’s (81+ kg).

In addition, event participants received cool prizes from the championship sponsors and a huge prize fund!

Winners will be determined by the international jury.

See you at  VAPEXPO Moscow 2018, on 15-16 of June!



Minimum build resistance should be 0.1 Ohm. All RDAs are checked on the ohmmeter.


Winners will get  a huge prize pool and super prizes from cloud contest sponsors – world-renowned companies!


The winners of the contest will be determined  by international judges.


Vape Device

Use single 18650 battery mech mod;
Two coil vaporizer;

* the amount of batteries, which can be used during the contest, is unlimited


 E-liquids for the contest will be provided by the  e-juice sponsor (issue to the participants on stage).

Coil Building

Coil building  will be completed  before the competition (coil building materials will be provided by the wire sponsor) .

Devices will be removed and guarded prior to your presentation. 

Registration to contest

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